Has Cell Advance Been Discontinued? 

Written By: VetriScience


The VetriScience® team is always working hard on our products to make sure that we're offering the highest-quality pet supplements on the market. Because we're always innovating, creating new products, and refining existing products, sometimes things change.

Our popular Cell Advance immune supplement is one of them! 

Has Cell Advance 880 been discontinued?

Side-by-side bottles of Cell Advance 880 and Immune Plus with a purple arrow pointing to the new product. Text reads "Cell Advance is now Immune Plus".
No – Cell Advance 880, our formula for medium to large dogs, has been re-launched as Immune Plus.

This immune supplement for dogs still offers a special blend of 23 antioxidants, including vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, and amino acids, to provide powerful wellness support for dogs over 30 lbs. 




Has Cell Advance 440 been discontinued? 

Side-by-side bottles of Cell Advance 440 and Immune Plus with a purple arrow pointing to the new product. Text reads "Cell Advance is now Immune Plus".No – Cell Advance 440 has been re-launched as Immune Plus for small dogs, with the same powerful formula.

Originally, the Cell Advance 440 formula was sold as a multi-species product – after performing market research, it made sense to offer Immune Plus to small dogs for now. However, we hope to launch this product for the cat category soon, so stay tuned.



Is Immune Plus the same formula as Cell Advance?  

Yes, Immune Plus is the exact same high-quality, vet-recommended formula as Cell Advance! We haven't changed the recipe, just the name and the look.

Immune Plus for small dogs is identical in formula to Cell Advance 440, and Immune Plus for medium/large Dogs is identical in formula to Cell Advance 880.  


What's comparable to Cell Advance 440 for cats? 

We understand that you may be wondering what immunity supplements to give your feline friend now that Cell Advance 440 is no longer available for cats. 

While we hope to bring this formula back to the cat category soon, VetriScience® still offers options for immune support supplements for cats, including our best-selling Vetri DMG and Vetri Lysine Plus. 

    • Vetri DMG supports a number of essential functions, including immune system health and function, stress management, circulation and oxygen utilization, and antibody production.  

    • Vetri Lysine Plus supports immune and respiratory health in cats – as an essential amino acid for cats, lysine is a crucial ingredient for a healthy immune system.

If you're looking for a more well-rounded daily supplement that can help support immunity, our NuCat Multivitamins are a tasty, effective way to add vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids to your cat's regular diet. 


Where to buy Immune Plus 

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