Has My GlycoFlex Been Discontinued?

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Our GlycoFlex® line of joint-support supplements are some of our most popular products, used for dogs & cats of all ages to help them live their best, most active lives.  

However, since we're constantly researching and learning more about joint health in pets and how supplementation can extend quality of life for pets, that means that some of our formulas no longer meet our rising standards.  

Don't worry—we make it easy to switch! Since all our GlycoFlex® formulas are made with similar base ingredients and flavors, most pets can switch from one product to another without a problem!


Has GlycoFlex® Stage 1 been discontinued?  

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Yes, GlycoFlex® Stage 1 for dogs has been discontinued and will no longer be available on our site. For pet owners looking for effective daily joint support for puppies and young dogs, we recommend GlycoFlex® Stage 2.

In addition to the science-backed ingredients in GlycoFlex® Stage 1—green-lipped mussel, glucosamine HCl, and DMG—delicious, chicken liver-flavored GlycoFlex® Stage 2 chews are made with added MSM to support joint health for a lifetime of adventure. 

GlycoFlex® Stage 2 also offers more glucosamine HCl per serving to deliver even more support for mobility and joint flexibility. It's available in both chews and chewable tablets


Has GlycoFlex® Everyday been discontinued? 

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Yes, GlycoFlex® Everyday for dogs, a similar formula to Stage 1, has also been discontinued and will no longer be available on our site.  

If you've been using GlycoFlex® Everyday as proactive joint support for your dog and want something similar (but even better), we recommend GlycoFlex® Sport! 

This joint supplement offers 750 mg of glucosamine HCl per 2 chews (compared to 500 mg in Everyday) and adds MSM and Manganese to help support joint and connective tissue structure. These additional ingredients also help with collagen formation, which is needed for optimal cartilage health! 


Has GlycoFlex® Classic been discontinued? 

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Yes, both GlycoFlex® Classic 300 MG & Classic 600 MG tablets for dogs have been discontinued. 

These introductory hip & joint supplements with green-lipped mussel were an excellent everyday option for young, active dogs. However, we are now recommending GlycoFlex® Stage 2 as our top proactive joint supplement. 

GlycoFlex® Stage 2 chewable tablets include 600 mg of green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) per tablet, along with glucosamine HCl, MSM, DMG, and Manganese. It's all the Perna power of our Classic formula, with an extra boost of joint support! 


Why has my usual GlycoFlex® been discontinued? 

We want to assure you that the discontinued GlycoFlex® joint support supplements were retired for a few simple reasons:  

  • We're following the most current recommendations of our veterinary and nutrition experts. 
  • We believe that our other recommended GlycoFlex® formulas are the best possible options for pets due to the number and strength of active ingredients. 
  • Fewer total formulas make it easier for caring pet parents like you to browse, compare, and choose the joint supplement that's right for your dog or cat. 
If you have questions, please feel free to reach out! 

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