Combining Allergy & Immune Supplements for Dogs: What Are the Benefits?

Written By: VetriScience


Is your dog struggling with seasonal allergies? Does their immune system need a little extra support? Is their skin feeling scaly, dry, and sensitive?  

VetriScience®'s suite of immune and allergy supplements for dogs is here to help.  Our new collection of allergy & immunity supplements combines a trio of unique products to support the immune system, promote healthy skin, and manage symptoms of seasonal or environmental allergies.

Whether used together or separately, these innovative supplements can bring powerful support and soothing comfort to dogs. (Want to save? Get all three now in our Immune Bundle.)

Allergy Plus

Allergy Plus is an advanced allergy & immune support supplement for dogs that helps manage dry, itchy, sensitive skin due to seasonal or environmental allergies.  

VetriScience Allergy Plus Immune Supplement for Dogs, Chew, Duck Flavor 60 Count

The unique formula of Allergy Plus includes clinically proven ingredients like krill meal, Chinese Skullcap extract, Acacia Catechu extract, and proBio65, a well-researched strain of probiotic. Allergy Plus can be given daily or as-needed seasonally or year-round, but consistent use will yield more consistent results. 

What Allergy Plus is best for:  

    • Supporting dogs with seasonal & environmental allergies 

    • Managing common allergy symptoms 

    • Supporting a regulated immune response 


Immune Plus

While the science-backed formula of Immune Plus isn't new, the look and name of this powerful antioxidant-based immune support supplement is!

VetriScience Immune Plus Immunity Support for Dogs, Capsule 120 Count

Formerly known as Cell Advance 880, Immune Plus is formulated for dogs of all ages and breeds, and offers a science-backed combination of 23 antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, bioflavonoids, and amino acids. The Immune Plus line also includes effective immune support for small dogs under 30 pounds. 

What Immune Plus is best for:  

    • Protection against free-radical damage 

    • Adding a boost of daily antioxidants 

    • Daily immune system support 


Omega Plus

Omega Plus is an advanced skin & coat supplement for dogs, with additional benefits that support immune health and function. This formula is packed with Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, which are important for smooth, healthy skin. 

VetriScience Omega Plus Advanced Skin Supplement for Dogs, Chew, Duck Flavor 40 Count

Omega-3s also play a role in supporting the immune system. These essential fatty acids support healthy inflammation and the strength of cell walls, and they can even help support eye, brain, and heart health. Omega Plus also includes other healthy nutrients—including zinc, methionine, and biotin—that help to promote full-body skin health. 

What Omega Plus is best for:  

    • Advanced skin health support

    • A shinier, healthier coat 

    • Additional immune support 

Three dogs, two Golden Retrievers and a Golden Doodle, sit side by side on a walking trail in the summer, looking up expectantly at a treat held off-camera. Dogs like Golden Retrievers and Doodles are prone to allergies, and allergy and immune treats can help manage symptoms.

Can These Supplements Be Given Together?

While any one of these new allergy and immune supplements offers a ton of benefits for dogs, the three products work well when used together to support skin and immune health:

    • Give Allergy Plus + Omega Plus together to encourage moisturized, resilient skin and a healthy skin barrier, while also boosting the overall amount of omega fatty acids in your dog's diet. Omega fatty acids support health and wellness in a number of ways.

    • Pair Allergy Plus + Immune Plus for an ultra-powerful boost of immune support to help address symptoms of seasonal and environmental allergies and support overall health and well-being with antioxidants, botanicals, and probiotics. 

    • Or, give all three products together—Allergy Plus, Immune Plus, and Omega Plus—for unbeatable immune support and happier, healthier dogs. Shop the Immune Bundle to get all three products and save!

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