5 Ways to Maintain Your Dog’s Healthy Skin and Coat

Happy, fluffy cockapoo running across a grassy lawn. Skin & coat care is important for dogs with fluffy coats

You may picture your dog as a Westminster Grand Champion: full, soft coat gleaming in the sunlight with not even a single hair out of place, trotting along in the breeze. In reality, they may have just come inside from rolling in the mud.

Fortunately, we love our dogs no matter what they look like, but a shiny coat is more than just a pretty picture—maintaining a healthy skin and coat can actually help support a happier, healthier dog! The key to keeping your dog’s skin and coat healthy is a balance of proper nutrition and consistent, simple maintenance.

Try these 5 easy ways to support your dog’s healthy skin.  

1. Feed an Appropriate Diet

An Asian woman wearing an orange t-shirt and jeans kneels down with a metal bowl to feed a cute Jack Russell Terrier. Good food is key to skin and coat health.

Dogs really are what they eat, and their skin and fur can be a reflection of the nutrition they’re receiving. An appropriate, balanced diet plays an important role in skin health and comfort. If you’re unsure whether your dog is getting the right balance of vitamins and minerals in their daily diet, talk to your vet about adding a multivitamin for dogs.

Some dogs are allergic to certain foods, and some of the first signs can be seen in the form of dull fur, hot spots, or dry, sensitive patches of skin. Your veterinarian can help you determine if your dog may be experiencing food allergies.

2. Add Fish Oil & Omega Fatty Acids

Supplements can play an important role in supporting the health of both skin and coat, and are an easy way to add additional nutrients to your dog’s balanced diet. Look for high-quality skin & coat supplements for dogs that include fish oils, omega fatty acids, and effective ingredients like Vitamin E or biotin.

Derma Strength® supports skin & coat health and helps reduce excessive shedding, with quality ingredients including salmon oil, Vitamin E, and flaxseed meal. These tasty chews can help maintain the luster and sheen of your dog’s coat while supporting skin elasticity and resilience. Omega Plus is an advanced skin support formula, with added ingredients like zinc and biotin and higher active levels of Omegas 3, 6, and 9.

3. Seasonal Allergy Support

VetriScience Allergy Plus allergy supplement chews. Allergy Plus is designed to soothe allergy symptoms and support skin and coat health.

Providing a high-quality allergy supplement for dogs can help support their health and immune system in the face of seasonal or environmental allergies. Allergy Plus is formulated with omega-packed krill meal, botanical antioxidants, and probiotics to support skin health and help regulate the immune system’s response to allergens.

Pair an allergy supplement for dogs with the power of Immune Plus—a veterinarian-recommended immune supplement with 23 antioxidants—to further support your dog’s health and wellness and encourage a normal histamine response.

Not sure if your dog is experiencing environmental or seasonal allergies? See 12 signs your dog may be suffering from allergies.

4. Grooming

Regular grooming, whether done at home or professionally, is important to the well-being and look of your dog. Many dogs love to be brushed and pampered, especially if you start bathing and brushing as a puppy and make it part of their regular routine (with lots of treats and praise, of course).

Regular brushing helps distribute the natural oils on the skin, for a shiny coat. It also helps prevent painful mats and tangles in fur. Invest in good grooming tools or research quality groomers in your area to stay on top of coat care! If you’re struggling with coat care, try giving Composure™ calming chews 30 minutes before grooming.

5. Flea & Tick Prevention

A yellow lab looks at a chewable flea and tick preventative offered by its owner. Preventatives can help keep skin and coat healthy and comfortable

From a dog’s perspective, there is no greater irritation than an infestation of biting, itchy critters! A dog’s fur is the perfect transport for bugs, and they’re happy to take advantage. Talk to your vet about the best available flea and tick preventatives, like chewables, topicals, or collars.

Combine that protection with our favorite tick-repellant spray that is gentle on skin, safe for dogs, and highly effective against pests.

Share Your Best Coat-Care Tips

Our top three dog hair care tips are easy, effective ways to help keep your dog looking their best. But, we’re always looking for new ideas! Do you have tips and tricks for maintaining a healthy, vibrant coat for your dog?

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