Dog Hair Care Tips to Keep Them Looking Their Best

Keep your pet looking their best from the inside out! Here are a few tips we recommend for keeping your dog’s skin and coat looking amazing between visits to the groomer.

Brush their fur often

Whether your dog’s coat is coarse, silky, or curly, they could always use a helping hand when it comes to grooming. Giving them a good routine brushing is one way to keep their coat looking great. The longer their coat, the more often they should receive a brushing.

Nutritious diets

Good food goes a long way – a dog’s skin is nourished by what they eat, so it’s important to know what their food is made of! Foods with essential nutritious ingredients like Omega-3 and Zinc, that contain fewer fillers, will help to keep their skin and coat healthy.

Daily supplements

One of the top reasons owners bring their dog to the vet is due to skin concerns. Supplements like Derma Strength can be given daily to help maintain skin’s elasticity and resilience. The small chews are packed with quality ingredients to support skin comfort, normal shedding, and coat’s sheen and luster.

What are some ways you help keep your dog’s skin and coat looking their best year-round? Tag us on Instagram @vetriscience and let us know!