How Often Should Your Dog’s Teeth Be Cleaned?

Written By: VetriScience

By Nicole LaForest, Licensed Veterinary Technician

If your dog could talk, what would they say?

“More treats, please?”

“Take me for a walk?”

“I want to go play with my friends?”

If your dog could tell you one thing that would most positively impact their future health, it would likely be, “Do a better job cleaning my teeth.”

Just think. If you only cleaned your teeth once or twice a month you know how bad your mouth would look and feel. So, why do we neglect the dental health of our dogs?

Much like with ourselves, pet parents should consider bi-annual dental cleanings for their dog, if recommended by a veterinarian. Puppies are born with 28 deciduous (baby) teeth. As a dog enters adulthood, they will develop 42 secondary or permanent teeth. Without regular brushing, the food and treats we feed our dogs can lead to plaque buildup relatively quickly, especially in smaller breeds.

It's important to maintain your dog's oral health because their gums are a gateway to the body. Unmanaged dental issues can potentially lead to heart problems or issues with other major organs. Signs of dental issues in dogs include irritated or bleeding gums, loose teeth, bad breath, difficulty eating, excessive salivation, discolored teeth from tartar, sneezing or nasal discharge, lumps in the mouth and discomfort from touching.

Besides regular teeth brushing, there are also chew, powder and liquid dental health supplements that help keep your dog’s mouth happy between vet cleanings. VetriScience has tirelessly researched specific ingredients to help fight the formation of tartar in between dental cleanings.

Perio Support powder contains taurine, zinc, cranberries, and other key ingredients to help maintain your dog's dental health. Clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar within 28 days, Perio Support can be easily added to meals to support healthy teeth and gums while freshening your dog's breath.

Dogs love routines. Add regular teeth brushing and the use of a dental health supplement to your dog’s daily routine and ensure they lead a happy life free of dental issues and tartar buildup.

Nicole LaForest is a Licensed Veterinary Technician with more than 10 years of veterinary experience. She brings a unique perspective to the veterinary industry, having partnered with several veterinary companies developing products and platforms designed to provide care to pets around the world. LaForest is the Vice President of the Washington State Association of Veterinary Technicians, having served on the board since 2016.

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