5 Tips for Stress-Free Car Rides with Your Dog

Written By: VetriScience

Planning a summer road trip with your dog? A socially distanced adventure is the perfect way to savor the last days of summer together. You may not be going too far these days, but traveling with your canine copilot can be stressful during short and long drives.

Whether you're going camping or to the beach, your summer adventure wouldn't be the same without your dog. While some dogs love car rides, there are many others that suffer from travel-related stress, which can lead to diarrhea, appetite loss, and backseat accidents. That's nobody's idea of a good time! But, you can follow these simple tips below to prepare your pup for the road ahead.


1. Pack a Travel Kit 

There are certain things like a phone and toothbrush that you simply can't live without, right? The same goes for your dog! Before you hit the road, you'll want to pack a travel kit for your pup that includes essentials like food and medication, a bowl and clean water, and their favorite toys and treats. Since dogs are creatures of habit,  familiar objects can help your car feel like their home away from home. 


2. Take Bathroom Breaks 

Being cooped up in a car all day isn't a treat for your furry friend who loves to run and play. That's why it's important to take frequent bathroom breaks so your dog can stretch their legs and expend excess energy. You certainly don't want to have to clean up an accident, either. It's always a good idea to map out pit stops before hitting the road.


3. Consider a Crate

Keeping your dog in a size-appropriate, well-ventilated crate is the safest way to travel and can also give them a sense of security on the road.  A crate will also prevent your dog from roaming around the car or sticking their head too far out of the window. Make sure to secure the crate in the backseat and that your pup has plenty of room to sit, stand, and lie down. If you don't use a crate at home, make sure you help your dog used to it with treats and positive reinforcement before your trip!


4. Try Calming Supplements

Composure calming supplements are an essential for any upcoming trip! With a trio of proven calming ingredients, Composure can help your pup relax if they get anxious in the car or strange environments. Just give your pup a Composure chew 30 minutes before leaving to keep them calm for up to 4 hours. You can even double or triple your dog's amount of Composure in especially stressful situations. With Composure, you and your pet can both enjoy your summer excursion without stress.


5. Leave Them at Home 

Does your dog prefer lounging all day to being around lots of new people, sounds, and other dogs? It's hard to imagine leaving your best buddy behind, but they may be happier at home if they're prone to stress in new environments. Senior pups may also not be up for long car trips and outdoor adventures during their golden years. No one knows your dog better than you, but your veterinarian or trainer can certainly help you determine whether your dog is up for the journey!


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