Help Manage Your Dog’s Separation Anxiety

Written By: VetriScience

We’ve all been there before. You’re trying to leave for work but your dog won’t let you go. Scratching, clawing and barking. Your best buddy will do just about anything for you to stay home and play. Unfortunately, getting out of the house is only part of the problem.

While you’re at work, your dog engages in destructive behavior like ripping a pillow to shreds or gnawing on your favorite shoes. Incessant barking and howling draw complaints from irritated neighbors. You spend much of the day worrying about your furry friend. Get home after a long day’s work and your dog is a relentless ball of energy.

Any of that sound familiar? If so, your dog demonstrates the classic signs of separation anxiety and boredom. It’s simply your dog’s reaction to being left alone all day. Separation anxiety isn’t only hard on your best buddy; it’s hard on you!

But, you can intervene before symptoms worsen and behavior becomes harder to manage. Follow these tips to manage separation anxiety and take back your work day:


How to Help Manage Separation Anxiety in Dogs

  • Get Exercise What better way to expend all of that energy then with a long walk or game of fetch? Your dog won’t have the energy to act destructively after you head out the door.
  • Try Supplements Try using proven calming supplements like Composure™ Long Lasting to manage stress and promote calm. It's clinically proven to work within 30 minutes and last for up to 8 hours.* Give one Composure™ Long Lasting chew 30 minutes before leaving to help encourage relaxed behavior. 
  • Favorite Toys Right before you leave, give your pup a treat-filled toy to distract him from your imminent exit.
  • Keep It Simple Don’t make a big deal about your departure. Your dog will take its emotional cues from your own behavior and react in kind. Stay calm and keep your entrances and exits low-key.
  • Consult a Trainer Still can’t find a solution? Helps starts by talking to a professional, certified trainer today. There are trained experts who specialize in separation anxiety!
*CanCog Technologies Study "Assessment of Anxiolytic Properties of a Novel Compound in Beagle Dogs with a Noise-Induced Model of Fear and Anxiety”

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