Is Rosemary Bad for My Pet?

Written By: VetriScience

imgresRosemary has become a hot topic in the pet industry, mostly due to misinformation about its safety and uses.

The real question is what type of Rosemary is being used?

Very high doses of Rosemary Essential Oils have shown the potential for toxicity problems for pets and humans. VetriScience uses Rosemary Extract which does not present these toxicity issues.

An Extract has a different molecular structure from an essential oil. The process for procuring the extract is what changes that structure. Extract is made when Rosemary leaves are soaked in a compound, often alcohol based, that separates the active nutrients from the actual plant matter. This process pulls a much lower solution concentration from the plant. Essential Oils are often produced using heat and steam. This process keeps much higher concentration levels that are not safe for ingestion by humans or pets.rosemary-essential-oil-benefits-300x199

The rosemary extract used in VetriScience supplements is a natural preservative that helps prevent oxidation and maintain product quality. Rosemary extract, like other plant extracts, contains a variety of antioxidants and other natural bioactive components that provide numerous health and functional benefits.

Our pet supplements include only a high quality rosemary extract that has different molecular properties than essential oils. We have also reviewed additional genetic toxicity testing that demonstrates that the rosemary extract poses no genotoxic risk.

Efficacy, safety and quality are constant characteristics of all of VetriScience supplements. All our companion formulas are developed by a comprehensive team of experts including Veterinarians, Animal health specialists, Scientists and Nutritionists.  In order to assure the maximum standards of quality we set strict specifications for all our ingredients and finished products. We only use ingredients with validated standards of purity and excellence. 



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