Veterinarian Q&A: An Interview with Dr. Elizabeth DeLomba

Written By: VetriScience

Getting to Know: Dr. Elizabeth DeLomba

Dr. Elizabeth DeLomba, DVM MBA is the Senior Veterinary Services Consultant at VetriScience . She’s a veterinarian with nearly 30 years of combined experience in a clinical companion practice and corporate veterinary consulting. Dr. DeLomba answered our questions in the first part of a series of interviews with our veterinary advisors.

Q: What’s the best part about being a veterinarian?

Dr. DeLomba: Veterinary medicine is a lifelong learning experience. In a field that’s ever expanding and evolving, I love incorporating new thoughts and ideas.  Veterinarians are some of the brightest, most compassionate people and I am proud to be a part of this amazing community.  

Q: Why did you start recommending VetriScience supplements to your clients? 

Dr. DeLomba: VetriScience provides a truly unique product line. There’s support for almost every disease process. We’re only starting to realize how important supplemental support can be for enhancing wellness. It’s nice to confidently reach for a product that’s as safe and effective as VetriScience supplements.

Q: What’s your favorite VetriScience supplement? Why?

Dr. DeLomba: I love the gastrointestinal lineup of Entero Flora Pro, Entero Health Pro and Fast Balance GI Pro. Chronic GI disease can be a challenge for pet owners to manage. As we move to reduce antibiotic usage, the GI products provide support for short- and long-term gut health. These products can also help with dermatological cases as we’ve learned that many gut issues can be directly related to allergic skin disease. 

Dr. DeLomba has two Australian Shepherds, Mackenzie and Fiona, and a cat named Fergus.

Q: Do you know of a specific case when a VetriScience supplement was effective?

Dr. DeLomba: My most recent use of a VetriScience product was with my own pets! I have two miniature Australian Shepherd puppies that refuse to let me work in peace. They tend to tussle and bark when they don’t get enough attention! I’ve found that during their most active (obnoxious!) days, giving them Composure™ Pro and a chew toy makes all of our lives much easier.  Both of our stress levels appreciate the calming influence of Composure Pro!

What’s one thing that you wish all of your clients knew?

Dr. DeLomba: I recognize the importance of the human-animal bond. As a veterinarian with pets of my own, I wish all my patients and pet owners could know how much I want to help them enjoy their lives to the fullest. Our goals are the same: a long happy and healthy life for their fur babies.

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