How Do I Get My Pet to Eat Their Supplements?

Written By: VetriScience


There are tons of benefits to pet supplements...unless your pet won't eat them, that is! 

Although we pride ourselves on our intensive palatability testing and high ratings, some dogs or cats may not like the taste of our pet supplements. The healthy ingredients that make our products so effective don’t always have the most appetizing taste or smell.

However, we have some tried-and-true methods to help, so your pets can enjoy the amazing benefits of our supplements 


How do I get my dog to take supplements? 

  • Disguise the capsule or tablet in a pill-hiding treat like Pinchers or Pinchers XL 
  • Top the chew or tablet with a little peanut butter or cheese  
  • Break into smaller pieces and mix with food: dry or canned food, soaked kibble, a pinch of grated cheese, etc. 
  • Add a few favorite dry treats to the package and shake it all up—this coats the chews with a flavor/smell your pet already knows and loves! 

 If you're still struggling to get your dog to take their joint, dental, or calming supplement, try this fun trick from Spirit Dog Training!



How do I get my cat to take supplements? 

  • Disguise the capsule or tablet in a soft food like liverwurst 
  • Break the chew or tablet into smaller pieces and mix with canned food, tuna, chicken or turkey, etc. 
  • Sprinkle some catnip or silvervine into the package and shake it all up—you'll coat the pieces with an irresistible scent! 
  • Break into small pieces and feed a little bit per meal, slowly working up to the full dosage 

If you have a meal or a snack your cat won't leave you alone when you make… That can tell you what they like the most! Use those foods (if they're cat-friendly) to mask the taste or smell of the supplement you're giving them. 

Did you know that many of our supplements for cats are available in chewable tablet or soft-chew forms? If your cat is having a hard time with one form, you can try a different style and still enjoy the benefits of giving a joint, kidney, or multivitamin supplement! 


Why does my pet's supplement look, feel, or smell different than last time?  

Because VetriScience® chews and chewable tablets use naturally sourced ingredients without fillers and excess preservatives, it's common and expected to see a slight variation in color, texture, and smell from one batch to the next. This is because of the environment and ingredient source. For example, harvesting time can slightly change the characteristics of the flour that we use! 

These differences may be noticeable to you or to your dog because we don’t use masking agents or color additives in our formulas. These natural differences are carefully monitored by our expert Quality Team throughout the process to ensure that every single product meets our high expectations. 

Tips for keeping your supplements fresh!  

While all our supplements are made with science-backed antioxidants and high-quality preservatives to keep them in peak condition, and packaged carefully to maintain freshness, there are a few things you can do to make sure that every chew is staying fresh and tasty from the first bite to the last! 

  1. Store all bags and bottles in a cool, dry place to maintain its freshness and consistency 
  2. Make sure the package or bottle is sealed tightly after every use 
  3. Avoid extreme heat or exposure to light to keep the chews as fresh as possible 
  4. Be sure to use the product before the expiration date, located next to the lot number on the back of the package or bottle 

However, if you notice that the supplement is severely discolored, crumbled or otherwise damaged, or has an excessively bad smell, you do have the option to return or replace it. You can check out our Returns Policy for more information! 


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