If Your Dog Scoots, Read This Today

scooting dogIt’s not a pretty topic, but somebody’s got to talk about it.

It’s butt scooting. What a drag.

Sure, sometimes the sight makes us giggle, but the cause is no laughing matter. When fecal quality and consistency is less than ideal, scooting can help express the glands.

We know it’s not appealing, but caring for your pup’s anal gland health is part of the process of owning a dog. Fortunately you can offer support in a really simple way: with a delicious stick that features three types of fiber.

Usually when you’re looking to add fiber to your dog’s diet, you’d grab a can of pumpkin – and that’s a great idea. But Express Ease offers a pumpkin base PLUS two other types of fiber to support proper stool consistency, making it a more comprehensive (and dare we say tastier?) option than canned pumpkin.

Because it’s designed to be comprehensive, Express Ease is recommended for immune, digestive and colonic support. Its fiber types include:

• Larch tree extract – a rich source of arabinogalactans, which have been shown to support the immune system, as well as the balance of beneficial bacteria.

Arabinogalactans worh in the GI tract by supporting immune cells.

They also help maintain colon health by supporting the balance of beneficial bacteria within the colon.

• Digestion resistant maltodextrin – a soluble fiber that supports fecal volume, regularity, intestinal microflora, and cleanliness and health of the digestive tract.

• Pumpkin powder- which support normal stool formation and normal elimination.

If you’re skeptical, just think of this: When your digestive tract health is on point, you are more readily able to maintain a sense of calm, comfort and wellbeing. The same will be true for dogs. Providing support, then, is important to your pet’s overall health.

Want to learn more about Express Ease and how it can help break an otherwise smelly cycle? Click here.

Or talk to your veterinarian!