How to Keep Pets Calm During Fireworks

By Ashley Watson

scared-catWith the 4th of July a week away, everyone is preparing for BBQs, parades, and fireworks displays. Unfortunately, fireworks are not always so fun for pets. And in some towns, the fireworks could go on for weeks before and after the holiday. Summer also brings other sources of stress for cats and dogs, such as thunderstorms, parties, and vacation travel.

In preparation for the upcoming holiday, Vetri-Science® is here to help vets and pet owners find ways to help anxious pets get some relief. We’ve included a few tips on how to keep dogs and cats calm and safe on the 4th and throughout the summer.

Calming Support Formulas for Pets

composure-chewsMany pet owners have had success with calming support formulas for stressed out pets. This can be especially useful if you are unable to control the situation or keep your pet away from loud noises. All pets react differently to fireworks and other stressful situations, which is part of the reason calming formulas are recommended. They can be used to support stress reduction stemming from a variety of sources, from loud noises to vet visits.

At Vetri-Science® Laboratories, our Composure™ calming support formula comes in tasty chews or a liquid formula for easier delivery. Composure™ helps to support cognitive function, and it contains l-theanine, which helps produce other calming amino acids like dopamine and GABA. Studies on l-theanine show that dogs were alert, playful and calmer than expected given their environment. The B vitamin thiamine (vitamin B1) helps manage stress and reduce irritability, calming nervous and anxious cats.

Thunder Jackets

As the name suggests, thunder jackets were originally designed to help dogs and cats cope with stress during a thunderstorm. The jackets are designed to hug the animal and provide gentle pressure, which is reported to help with many different pet anxieties caused by summer activities, such as thunder, fireworks, and travel.

The Thunderworks company offers jackets and shirts for cats and dogs, as well as other calming products, such as dog harnesses that work on the same principle. They do offer a limited money back guarantee, so read the fine print before purchasing their products.

Leave Your Pet Home with a House Sitter

scared-dogMany dog owners prefer to take their dogs everywhere in the summer, including vacation, parades, picnics, and dog-friendly parties, but this may not be an option for dogs with extreme anxieties. It isn’t really an option for cats. Dog owners may need to leave their pup at home if the trip causes stress for the dog. Finding a good pet sitter who is good with animals can help pets feel more comfortable and less stressed out while the owners are gone. If it is someone the pet doesn’t know very well or has never met, pet owners should schedule some time before the vacation to meet with the sitter at the home so that the sitter can interact with the pets.

Pheromones are another solution for cats. These come in an electric diffuser or a spray. Although these products may not be as cost-effective as calming formulas and other solutions, they may be the only solution for some cats.

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