How to Calm Your Dog During a Thunderstorm

April showers bring May flowers. It’s true that April tends to have more rain showers than other months and if you’re new to pet parenthood (welcome!) you might learn that your four-legged family member has storm phobia. It’s not uncommon for dogs to have a fear of thunderstorms. It could be due to a general fear of loud noises (thunder, fireworks, etc.) or the changes in barometric pressure and humidity could be affecting their senses or even causing them some discomfort like it can for us humans. While we can’t know for certain what causes it, we can know what signs to look out for and how we can help calm them!

Common Signs of Dog Thunderstorm Anxiety

  1. Panting
  2. Pacing around the house
  3. Clinging to their owner
  4. Hiding in a closet or under the bed
  5. Trembling or shaking

Tips to Calm Your Dog During a Thunderstorm

1. Create a space in your home to help your dog feel safe.

You can either place their crate in a quiet part of the house or find a room without a window so they can’t see flashes of lightning. Depending on how much room you have, you can set up the space with their bed, favorite toys, blankets, etc.

2. Put on a soothing playlist or turn on a white noise machine to help drown out the thunder.
3. Make a DIY anxiety shirt.

Similar to how we use weighted blankets to help us relax and fall asleep, the constant, gentle pressure of an anxiety shirt around your dog’s mid-section will feel like a hug and have a calming effect on them. All you need to make one is an old t-shirt! You can follow these simple step-by-step instructions below.

4. Try a calming supplement.

Composure is made with effective ingredients to help your canine companion relax without causing drowsiness or affecting their personality. These tasty bite-sized chews are clinically shown to work within 30 minutes and last up to 4 hours.*


So, the next time you see a thunderstorm in the forecast, keep calm and carry on reading this.