5 Spring Pet Care Tips

Ah, spring is officially here, and we couldn’t be any more excited than our furry friends. Here are 5 tips to help keep your pet healthy and happy this spring!

1. Do Some Spring Cleaning

As you begin the process of cleaning and decluttering your home, don’t forget about your four-legged roommate’s space. Does their bed need to be washed or litter box cleaned? Is it time for a new food and water bowl? Consider tossing out old toys and replacing them with new ones!

2. Groom Your Pet

Your dog has probably started to shed their winter coat by now, but they may have some excess fur that needs to be removed so remember to start brushing them regularly. To help keep their skin and coat free from pollen it’s important to also start a regular bathing routine or get in the habit of wiping their fur and paws after being outside.

You can also try a skin and coat supplement like Derma Strength that is made with Vitamin E and omega fatty acids to promote normal shedding in pets with seasonal allergies.

3. Protect from Flea & Ticks

As you start to spend more time outside, regularly brush a comb through your pet’s coat to check for any fleas or ticks. Here’s what to look for. It’s also worth investing in some bug protection for your dog and outdoor cat.

4. Ease Back into Exercise

Warmer weather means longer walks and more frequent visits to the park, but if your dog has been used to just taking a quick stroll around the block, gradually increase the length of your walks or games of fetch. This will help build their endurance and avoid overexertion, heatstroke, or even injury.

P.S. If you start to notice your dog appears stiff in the morning or is moving slow, consider trying a joint supplement like GlycoFlex Plus to support joint health, comfort and mobility!

5. Go on a New Adventure

Channel your inner explorer this spring and find a new park to play at or a new route to walk. Is there a hiking trail that’s been on your bucket list or a scenic drive you’ve been wanting to take with your canine companion? Now is the perfect time to check it off!