Your Pet’s Go-To Product this Week: Fast Balance GI

Written By: VetriScience

dog eating trashIf there’s one thing we know to be true about the holidays, it’s that the food is abundant.

We mentioned in our last entry on safety that everyone should have a designated treat post that’s too high for cats or dogs to reach. But we know that can’t always be the case, especially when some of those treats and leftovers will inevitably end up on the floor or in the trashcan, plenty accessible to tiny animal mouths.

So what do you do when your pet gets into the garbage during those five seconds your weren’t watching like a hawk? Reach for a supplement that handles GI support like a pro.

Fast Balance GI Paste is easy to administer and great to have on hand because it’s recommended for stress, garbage gut, food sensitivities, and quickly normalizing digestion in both dogs and cats!

If your animal goes rogue this week and you need lab results, Fast Balance is the perfect immediate care product to use while you wait.

It contains probiotics, as well as vitamins that work synergistically to support the growth of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria in the gut, which causes a quicker response. It also helps to reduce stress on the GI mucosa, offering a soothing effect.

Can you ask for much more, once your pet has decided to ignore your warnings?

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