Gnashers, Chompers and Fangs, Oh My: Welcome to National Pet Dental Health Month!

By Karin Krisher

78028105February is dedicated to dental health. And not just anyone’s dental health, but pet dental health—arguably one of the most important kinds! Periodontal wellness is a giant category in the pet health and veterinary industry, and with good reason. How many pet owners do you know that vigilantly brush their cats’ or dogs’ teeth?

National Pet Dental Health Month is a great way to bring that lack of attention to their attention. Vetri-Science knows pet dental health can be hard to maintain, so we designed products to support periodontal wellness in between cleanings. Our newest options give owners both a convenient supplement choice and a constant reminder that periodontal health is important.

If your clients and your patients seem to have a hard time staying on top of at-home dental care, try sharing some statistics and potential consequences of neglect. Then point out how easy it is to toss your pup a Perio Plus Stix.

Perio-Plus Stix for Dogs is formulated specifically for use between routine dental cleanings to help maintain clean teeth and fresh breath. This product is designed to help control plaque formation and support gum health.

The really cool thing about these sticks is their duality. The outside is crunchy and includes pumice and Champignon Mushroom Extract (Champex™ brand) to freshen and shine. The inner core is softer and features the original Perio Support formula (available in a powder) along with added CoQ10. We found that when we combined the convenience of the delivery system with high palatability, dogs and owners came running.

For cat guardians, who, as should be expected, generally shy away from sticking their hands anywhere near a kitty’s fangs, we’ve come up with a perfect in-between option: the same Perio Plus Stix formula, but cut into tiny bite-sized pieces.  It’s known, of course, as Perio Plus Feline Bites. If your patient isn’t fond of chews, Perio Support powder can be a perfect solution.

Have you been able to offer your patients enough convenient options to see dental health habits improve? What’s your trick to getting pet guardians to brush? Share your dental health stories on our Facebook page!