New Vetri Bladder Canine Chews

Written By: VetriScience

By Karin Krisher

Vetri-Bladder Canine ChewsBladders aren’t the most attractive of all organs. (We’ll give that trophy to the brain.) In dogs, bladder health is difficult to maintain; whether you’re a practicing veterinarian or a dog owner, you’ve probably noticed the frequency of concerns over canine bladder wellness.

There are several factors that contribute to bladder health. Aging and spaying are likely the most common. In female dogs, bladder health tends to be even more difficult to navigate due to hormone level fluctuations. Germ accumulation is often a factor in bladder health (dogs lick and scratch like no others) and dietary influences also come into play.

Our experts understand that this category of health deserves its own, specific type of support!

Vetri Bladder Canine Chews

Designed to help support bladder control & function and reduce occasional leaking and accidents, especially in spayed females, Vetri Bladder is our way of telling these pups and their owners that they’re not alone.

This new supplement contains soy protein extracts that yield isoflavones, phytoestrogens that help maintain normal bladder muscle tone and support proper bladder emptying.

Another ingredient in these chews is something we couldn’t pass up: red clover powder, one of the richer sources of isoflavones in supplementation.

The estrogen-like effect of red clover isoflavones may attach to estrogen receptors throughout the body, specifically the bladder, supporting hormonal balance. This attachment can also support the body in addressing incontinence through supporting bladder strength.

Because bladder health can affect other systems and dogs’ overall comfort, we knew we had to provide a comprehensive, effective option for support.


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