4 Tips for Pet Oral Care

Written By: VetriScience

As a pet owner, you do everything you can to take care of your pet’s wellbeing. You take them for walks to care for their physical health and all the time you spend together helps their emotional health.

But what about their dental health?

Many pet owners become aware their pet’s teeth could use some attention when they get a whiff of the dreaded “doggie breath,” but experts say a pet’s oral care should start long before that happens.

You may think bad breath is unavoidable and comes with the territory of having a pet, but the truth is, stinky pet breath may be an indicator that your pet has poor oral health. In fact, a pet’s dental health can even affect their heart, lungs, and kidneys! That’s why it’s so important to care for your pet’s dental health before it becomes a problem.

What You Can Do

Since February is National Pet Dental Health Month, we asked our veterinary experts to share their top dental care tips. Here’s what they had to say:


1. Fight Plaque Daily

"As a veterinarian, I see advanced dental [problems] daily, and clients always ask what could have been done to prevent it. The BEST way to keep your pet’s mouth healthy is by taking daily action against plaque. This can be accomplished by brushing your pet’s teeth daily with a pet-friendly toothpaste or using a daily dental chew. If plaque is not removed on a regular basis, then it begins to solidify and turn into calculus.”
Blair T., DVM


2. Practice Brushing

"First step is to get your dog or cat comfortable with you touching their mouth. Some dogs and cats don’t mind already, which is great but still practice it a few times. Once they are good with that, then you can move on with picking up their lips. Slowly introduce your finger touching their teeth and gums. Don’t use toothpaste until they are completely comfortable with the toothbrush. Take it slow with your dogs and cats. The slower you go the more comfortable your [pet] will be with you brushing their teeth.”
Jordan P., RVT


3. Be Proactive

“My #1 piece of advice is to seek dental care BEFORE there is a problem. Brushing teeth, dental supplements, and routine dental [cleanings] are worth their weight in gold both for your wallet and for your dog's health and happiness.”
Taylor J., Medical Team Manager


4. Start Small

"Start at-home dental care as soon as possible! Brushing your pet’s teeth is the best at-home care you can provide, but if that’s not an option, explore other products like vet-approved chews, treats, and water additives. Something is better than nothing! Oral health is more than stinky breath. The mouth is the gateway to your pet’s entire body.”
Randi R., LVT


Pet Dental Products

In between scheduling a professional dental cleaning and learning how to brush your pet’s teeth, you can try a supplement! Our dental health products for pets help keep their teeth clean and breath fresh by reducing plaque formation and tartar buildup. We have a few options that fit the needs of every pet.

  • Perio Support is a convenient and easy-to-use powder for dogs and cats that you can just sprinkle over their meal. It's clinically proven to reduce plaque and tartar within a month!*
  • Perio Plus Stix have a crunchy outside and soft inside that will satisfy even the pickiest pups.
  • Perio Plus Feline Bites are only 7 calories, but your kitty won’t be able to resist the tasty chicken flavor.

Your pet may not be able to say “thank you”, but they will certainly give you a fresh, clean smile for caring about their dental health

*Hemopet Study “Evaluation and Comparison of the Effectiveness of VetriScience Powdered Perio Support on the Reduction of Plaque, Calculus, and Gingivitis in Adult Dogs” 

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