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Written By: VetriScience

How a Standard Lunch and Learn Brought Sunnier Days to Jill and Souldger

Smiling Pitbull copyIn September of 2013, Jill Krist’s dog Souldger was struggling with his movements. Jill, a vet tech at Dublin Vet in Ohio, says her 12 year old Pit Bull had become nonambulatory.

At the time, Vonda, a VetriScience representative, had been conducting lunch and learn sessions at Jill’s clinic twice per week. She had become familiar with Souldger’s plight during one of these teaching sessions and wanted to offer Jill one of our products that she really believed in.

So Vonda offered a sample of our new Mobility Flex formula, which contains DevCor and Perna, two well known joint support ingredients. That was Monday.

On Wednesday, Jill hadn’t yet given Souldger the chews – but Vonda returned to the office for the second weekly lunch and learn and was persistent about beginning the regimen.

Because of his immobility and declining condition, Jill had scheduled an appointment for Friday to say goodbye to her beloved Pit Bull. She didn’t want to get out of bed. “The hardest part was waking up that morning,” she says.

But then something happened. “My daughter said, ‘My dog is walking again!’” Souldger was in fact starting to try to move again, and Jill decided to cancel the appointment. By that Sunday, Souldger was trying to bunny hop.

Within two weeks, he was back to running. Jill says that today, over a year later, 13 year old Souldger “knows where his legs are” and is playful again.

Vonda got a voicemail from Jill after that weekend in September 2013. Instead of the somber tone Vonda expected to hear, she heard Jill’s excited voice saying that Souldger had tried to stand for the first time in a week, and that he was also attempting, by Sunday, to run and play. Jill’s message –and Vonda’s heart—were full of gratitude, she says.

“When I get to make a difference in people’s lives, how I can not love my job?”

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