VetriScience Introduces Innovative Senior Health Products

Williston, VT (March 5, 2018)—VetriScience® Laboratories announced the addition of three advanced formulas to its catalog of vet-exclusive supplements. The VetriScience® Pro Line provides veterinarians with advanced therapies to support all aspects of animal health. From daily maintenance to condition-specific formulas, VetriScience® offers high-quality animal supplements that are grounded in research and backed by science.

Canine Senior Vitality Pro is designed to promote vitality and overall healthy aging in senior dogs. With proprietary ingredients like Magtein® and MicroActive® Resveratrol, this groundbreaking formula addresses common aging concerns such as cognition, inflammatory response, immune and metabolic function.

Feline Senior Vitality Pro features Perna canaliculus, omega fatty acids, probiotics and vitamins to address common health issues in senior cats. With 10 active ingredients, this formula goes beyond a multi-vitamin to support joint comfort, cognition, inflammation and digestive function in a highly-palatable chew.

UT Strength Feline Pro is a multi-modal approach to feline urinary tract health that addresses the physical and neurological pieces of the puzzle. UT Strength Feline Pro combines ingredients shown to support a healthy, strong urinary tract with our proprietary calming blend to help manage everyday stress.

About VetriScience® Laboratories

VetriScience, a division of FoodScience® Corporation, has led the way for nearly 45 years in the field of animal health supplements. Our science backed products continue to set new standards for quality, safety and excellence in the field, and we are proud to have the support and trust of so many veterinarians that recommend our supplements on a daily basis. For more information, please visit