Introduction to DockDogs: The Fastest Growing Sport on Four Legs

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a…dog?

DockDogs, the world’s premier canine aquatics competition, tests the ability of dogs to run, jump and swim in three uniquely challenging disciplines. Participating dogs must channel their inner Olympian to be crowned as a DockDogs champion.

But, it’s not all about taking home the gold. DockDogs is just plain fun and it’s a great way for pet parents to bond with their pups in the spirit of competition.

How does it work?

Dogs of varying ages, sizes and breeds compete in three disciplines: Big Air, Speed Retrieve and Extreme Vertical. Every dog is led by a designated handler, who must be at least seven years old to compete. Dogs of all skill levels are encouraged to get involved and compete!

Faster, Higher, Stronger

Originally, DockDogs started with a jumping event called Big Air, which remains its signature and most popular discipline. Essentially, Big Air is like a long jump with a splash at the end!

Dogs take a running start and leap off a 40-foot dock into the water. Distance is measured by the point in which the base of a dog’s tail breaks the water. Whichever dog jumps the farthest takes home the Big Air title!

Speed Retrieve is a race against the clock! Introduced most recently, dogs jump into the water and swim to a toy raised two feet above the water. Dogs must rely on their running, jumping and swimming skills to emerge as a Speed Retrieve champion.

Lastly, Extreme Vertical is a high jump for dogs. Each dog jumps off a 20-foot dock to snag a bumper that’s suspended above the water. The handler chooses a height for the bumper before each round. The highest jumping dog takes home the prize!

Team GlycoFlex

All these skills will be showcased during the upcoming DockDogs World Championships from October 26-29th in Knoxville, TN. As proud sponsors of Team GlycoFlex, VetriScience will give you an inside look at the event through the eyes of dogs and their handlers.

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