BlogPaws Nashville 2015 Recap

Whew! Now that we’re all settled in, we’re ready to talk about our fantastic week at BlogPaws in Nashville. Not only did we have amazing conversations with people who truly love all pets and sharing their own pet stories with the world, but we also took home a boatload of knowledge about how we can offer even better support for all pets’ health needs.

We started the week with a BlogPaws Twitter chat and were able to answer a lot of common questions about our supplements and about healthy summer activities for your pets. We also had the opportunity to meet many new friends as we were gleefully bombarded with photographs of beloved pets. The next day saw our team waiting for a delayed flight, but we made it into Nashville just in time to set up for the event. Our living room was a big hit with animals and humans:

BlogPaws VetriScience

The first day of BlogPaws was chock full of the sweetest and most well-behaved dogs and cats. We were thrilled the animals all seemed to get along. (We brought along plenty of samples of Composure Chews for those animals experiencing slightly more stress than their friends, just in case!)

We met families with six dogs, families with three kittens, and even families with day-old ducklings. One thing stood out. Nearly everyone we met was in search of a joint support supplement that truly meets their animals’ needs, and Glyco Flex was a huge hit as we described the proof of its support in dogs: a 41% increase in hind leg strength in just four weeks.

glyco flex joint support dogs

We spoke with people whose dogs were tripods after surgery, with people who write about hiking and give their animals plenty of daily activity, and with people whose pets were simply aging–slowly, but surely.

We spoke with people who really wanted something different than standard glucosamine, and those who just weren’t sure what would be best for their picky-eater cat. Everyone had one thing in common: They paid attention to their pet’s behavior and were looking for ways to help.

The second day of the show found us back in our living room, chatting more about what conditions animals experience regularly. Stress came up. So did digestive issues. And of course, feline herpes. We had the opportunity to play with some of the pups we met the first day, and get to know their humans even better. We finally met the Great Pyrenees pair wandering around, and gave out a million samples. (Maybe not a million – but close!)

The end of the evening came with Pawject Runway, a fashion show where bloggers had just 10 minutes to make an outfit from provided craft materials and dress their animals. VetriScience was co-sponsor and co-judge, along with Only Natural Pet. With some incredible costumes and modeling in the mix, choosing winners was tough! We were able to give out prizes to some adorable (and good natured!) animals in adorable costumes, such as “Most Likely To Attend Bonnaroo” (see @chai_latte604 below) and “Best Cape.”

BlogPawsWhen the Runway closed, the BlogPaws attendees hit downtown Nashville for some more fun. We all teamed up again on Saturday evening for a red carpet walk, followed by the Nose-to-Nose Awards, which went hand-in-hand with some tear-jerking speeches from the winners.

All told, BlogPaws was an incredible experience that helped us connect with a diverse and enthusiastic group of pet owners. We’re thankful we were able to hug and love so many pets along the way!

Were you at BlogPaws? What did you learn from your time with VetriScience? Share your experience in a comment!

Chai Latte