Why Breed Specific Rescues Matter

newfoundland breedBetween 6 and 8 million pets land in shelters each year.

But did you know that about 25% of all pets in shelters are purebred? It’s true!

And breed-specific rescues have important roles to play in placing many of these animals in their forever homes.

Correcting assumptions

When it comes to dogs, there’s a popular misconception that when you choose to adopt, you will inevitably come home with a mixed breed. The growing presence of breed-specific rescue groups works to correct that assumption, reminding us all that yes, there are purebred dogs available for adoption, and yes, you can find the best pup for your home.

There’s also an unfortunate misconception that a purebred dog you adopt might not be as close to breed standards as a dog from a breeder. In truth, many pups up for placement by breed-specific rescue groups are there because of lifestyle changes among their owners–or because a puppy mill has been shut down.

And that’s another reason these groups matter. They house animals that would otherwise crowd non breed-specific shelters in these instances.

Focused knowledge

Another benefit of breed-specific rescue organizations: the people who run them are educated on the breed’s characteristics, meaning they’ll thoroughly understand how an animal’s health and emotional needs may or may not fit your lifestyle. They have the ability to focus on the facts about one breed, so their knowledge will be specialized and will benefit both you and your future pup.

Animal first

Like every reputable rescue organization, a breed-specific one will put the needs of the animal above your needs. Focused knowledge allows staff members to be highly discerning, so there may be a battery of questions before you and your home can be deemed forever-home worthy for a certain pet.

This is a good thing! The interview process is a display of care from the organization, showing that the pet comes first. It means they choose who gets to adopt carefully, and that’s something you want in a rescue organization, because it shows their commitment to positive outcomes.

If you’re looking to adopt and aren’t sure which breed your home might fit, take this short quiz to find out if there’s a likely pairing for you. Trying to find a breed-specific rescue nearby or for a certain breed? The AKC has you covered.

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