NAVC 2015 Recap

It’s now been almost a week since our team came back from sharing some amazing moments with the vet world at NAVC in Florida – and we already can’t wait to go back in 2016.

NAVC 2015This year, the VetriScience® booth featured exclusive, vet-developed Pro-Line products and some new information about patented ingredients that had attendees buzzing.

It also featured our incredible team of representatives who got some excellent feedback from vet student attendees. They noted that taking the time to explain and teach about the ingredients was a deciding factor in VetriScience’s ability to make a difference at the show.

For our part, we noticed quite a bit of interest in some specific health categories at the show, including digestive (probiotics) and dental.

(We also couldn’t help but notice the extreme popularity of our slap bracelet USBs that include the new Pro-Line materials.)

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can get Pro-Line products for your pet exclusively from your veterinarian, click here.

Did you attend NAVC 2015? What information did you find valuable? We’d love to hear from you in a comment.