Why Does Your Supplement Company Use the Word “Support” So Much?

221163_lOver the many years Vetri-Science has been in operation, we’ve developed a way of talking about our products with our customers that doesn’t involve deception. It doesn’t involve zealotry or absolutes. It doesn’t involve false claims.

But it does involve the word “support.”

That little word says so much – and we use it so often. There are a few very good reasons for that, and they all stem from valuing truth, clarity and transparency.

The first reason we love the word support: It’s accurate.

The word support means that a supplement is not masquerading as a miracle drug. It means that we recognize the place for supplements in our animals’ lives, and we’re willing to talk about the role they can play – a supportive role—without presenting misleading information.

The second reason we love the word support: We helped found the National Animal Supplements Council.

Though the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act  outlined how human supplements should be spoken about (DSHEA will not allow manufacturers to make overt drug claims that their products could prevent, mitigate, treat or diagnose a disease), the same cannot be said for animal supplements.

No one knew how to talk about supplementation’s role in the health industry. The NASC defined the standards of labeling and promotion that we follow today. The Council expected accountability among supplement manufacturers, and truthful, careful language use is just one piece of that accountability.

The third reason we love the word support: It’s what we offer.

How does your vet positively impact your life? He or she supports your pets’ wellness. Our products do the same, and are designed to promote a better quality of life for humans and your companion animals.

We also offer support of a different sort – the kind that comes with 40 years of experience working with companion animals. We are always here to answer your questions about our products, or just to have a chat about your cat’s needs.

So, if you see the word “support” popping up all over our website or your pup’s chew bag, or if you hear it from one of our reps, just know that it means reassurance: in our process, in our commitment, in our company.