Microchips Reunite Owners with Lost Pets After Natural Disasters

Image of tornado at a Minor League baseball game in Frisco, TX via Fox4 news.

If you watched the news this morning, you probably saw footage of the severe thunderstorms and suspected tornadoes that ripped through the Midwest and South yesterday. Many people were caught off-guard and had to take immediate shelter in schools and department stores. For vets, this brings up an opportunity to talk to clients about microchipping their pets. Microchips provide an ideal extra layer of protection when pets are lost, according to the Humane Society. This is especially important in helping shelters reunite owners after a natural disaster or other emergency. At VetriScience® Laboratories, we wanted to take the opportunity to remind vets and pet owners that microchipping your dog or cat could help find lost pets when collars and tags aren’t enough.

Last May, when the EF-5 tornado hit Moore, OK, microchips proved to be a valuable tool for local shelters and veterinary clinics. Many owners were reunited with pets in the aftermath, thanks to microchip technology. After last night’s storms, we were reminded of a post we published last year after that deadly tornado.

Microchip-impantLuckily, no deaths were reported in last night’s storms, but the storms were definitely a harbinger of severe weather in the coming months for many parts of the country. Pets often get scared and run away during a storm, or they may run for shelter if they escape your home or yard. Learn about the benefits of microchips and how they work in our blog post from last year.

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Meanwhile, we encourage vets to educate their clients about microchip implants.