FAQ: Can My Pet Take More Than One Vetri-Science® Product?

By Karin Krisher

As part of our ongoing effort to keep our customers informed, we try to generate lists of question we get asked all the time—and predict others you’ll need the answers to. This post is the first of many about our Frequently Asked Questions. Read on to get the scoop on combination regimens, and how Vetri-Science® formulates products with those regimens in mind.


Can my animal take more than one Vetri-Science® product at a time?



All of our products are designed to complement each other. However, your veterinarian is the only person that can make decisions concerning an appropriate supplement program for your pet.

Those choices are based on the animal’s general health and medical condition. Sometimes, a supplement can negatively interact with a drug the animal might be taking. Such an interaction warrants a contraindication warning. Every known contraindication is listed on our formula’s labels.

Even if your animal does not use any medications, biochemical individuality also comes into play. The term refers to the idea that all living creatures are slightly different—so that what might affect one animal one way could produce a different effect on another.

Due to the biochemical individuality of each animal, the label’s contraindication statement cannot rule out other possible concerns. So while many products are formulated for safety when used in combination, it is still best to consult a veterinarian concerning your animals’ health and supplement regimen.

Bottom line? We know supplements—veterinarians know your animal. Combine the two for best results.