Best Gifts For Vets

By Karin Krisher

What do you get the vet who has everything?

Chances are, they don’t. Sure, your vets’ office features pretty posters of kittens and an always-clean front doormat, but just because you’re comfortable there doesn’t mean that your vet and his or her staff have everything they need (or want!)

This holiday season, Vetri-Science wants to encourage giving to those people who make a difference in your lives: your child’s bus driver, your mailman, your regular cashier, your veterinarian. To that end, here’s Vetri-Science’s list of best gifts for  vets and for the vet’s office. Did we leave anything out? Tell us on our Facebook page!


1) Personalized Wall Art

Have a beautiful photo of the cat your vet helped heal in a time of crisis? Get it framed and gift it to your vet with a card describing how much it meant to you and your family. Having personal touches around the office makes every season bright.

2) Magazine Subscription

We know that sounds a little silly, but it’s likely that your vet likes to stay on top of animal news. This is a gift you’ll want to mention ahead of time. Casually ask if your vet subscribes to any great journals, or if there’s one that always provides good information but she or he wouldn’t buy for her or himself. This is also a great gift for the whole office!

3) Gift Basket

A delicious holiday gift basket delivered right to the office before the holidays is a great bet for the whole staff. Dakin Farm has a huge variety of Vermont specialty food baskets that usually include our state’s awesome cheese and maple syrup. We’re partial—but we think your veterinary practice’s staff will be, too. Just make sure to send a note that the basket should be stored out of the reach of curious patients!

4) Chocolates

They can be shared. Or…not. Enough said.

5) The Gift of Giving

Does your vet have a favorite charity or organization to which she or he donates? Make a donation in the office’s name, or sponsor a shelter animal’s care. This type of present is definitely one of the best gifts for vets, even though it isn’t tangible or edible!