Where Can I Buy Vetri-Science?

As a service to our loyal readers and customers, we wanted to take an opportunity this week to answer one of our most frequently asked questions: Where can I buy Vetri-Science products?

The short answer is pretty simple. Vetri-Science offers an online store that grants our customers access to our website affiliate veterinarians. You can buy our products there, or from a local veterinarian who carries our products. We can always locate a veterinarian nearby to special order the products should you have interest in purchasing directly through the practice.

The long answer is a bit more complicated. First, Vetri-Science is known for selling to veterinarians. Our reasoning is not necessarily intuitive, but we’re happy to explain.

Veterinarians are the best people to recommend our products. We care about your pets’ health, and while we have extensive product development and researching teams to ensure that our products are of the highest quality, we don’t have the same expertise as your veterinarian does about your specific animals’ health.

Every animal is slightly biologically individual. We trust your veterinarian to make the proper recommendation based on past experience with your animal. That’s why we sell our products to veterinarians, instead of directly to the consumer. Education is incredibly important to Vetri-Science, and your vet will have the ability to help you with understanding the product and your pet’s health needs.

Then there’s the actual purchasing process. Online, visit www.vetriscience.com. Locate the “Where To Buy” tab near the top of the page and follow the prompts for “Consumers,” then “Online Affiliates.” This will connect you to our Veterinarian Affiliate Links page. Look for the Vetri-Science banner after you select any veterinarian affiliate from this list; selecting this banner connects you to our online store.

On another note, if you are a veterinarian who would like to participate in our affiliate program, please contact us at info@vetriscience.com.