Top 5 Apps for Veterinarians

By Karin Krisher

Vetri-Science has decided to help you focus on social media this week. But we recognize that productivity and burying yourself in facebook for six hours a day flipping through your cousin’s dog photos don’t necessarily go hand in hand. So our advice this week is meant to both expand your media horizons and keep you productive. Introducing our five favorite smartphone apps for veterinarians. Happy productivity.

1. A Vet Tool- $6.99

Don’t skip this one because of the price tag. It’s number one on this list for a reason. A Vet Tool is actually five fully functioning apps in one. In a tab-based format, you’ll find: a complete small animal formulary with 650 drugs alphabetically indexed; common blood value lab results for small and large animals (horses included); a collection of x-ray comparisons; a nine calculator function that includes things like conversion, dosage and fluid rate calculators; and an easily categorized notepad. If there actually is anything more you can ask for from a veterinary app, keep reading this list.

2. All Pets Radio Player-  Free

This app is basically an internet radio station that focuses on one subject: Pets. If you, like us, care about staying informed about current animal health news, this free choice can help.

3. VetDX Lite-  Free

Perhaps it’s not your style to diagnosis based on previous cases. But if you are open to anything in order to best treat your patient, this app is worth a shot. VetDX is basically a huge, in your face and in your palm database of diagnoses and symptoms. Enter your patients’ symptoms and research away. The database is regularly updated to ensure you get the best information available. If you find this app is right up your alley, there’s an even more comprehensive version for $49.99.

4. Scan-  Free

Scan is the simplest app on this, or any, best apps list. And everyone should have it. Scan allows you to scan any QR code, a computer generated code often printed on product bags and bottles, marketing materials and yes, even the sides of buildings. It’s an easy way to make sure you always have an opportunity to learn more about a subject on the spot.

5. Target (Vet)-  Free

Target offers something that none of the other apps on this list provide: Antimicrobial references. The guide ranks the efficacy of 24 different standard antimicrobials against 13 different pathogens, allowing you to compare cost and dosage. Target also includes toxicology references and color-coded comparisons, and gets 4.5 stars from iPhone users.

Do you have a favorite app for productivity? Tell us about it in a comment!