Veterinary Practice of the Month: Aid Animal Hospital

By Karin Krisher

practice of the monthAid Animal Hospital in Kansas City, MO, is one of those practices people just like to talk about. Perhaps it’s the comforting presence of longtime employees who truly care for their clients. Perhaps it’s the holistic approach and willingness to find adaptable solutions for every animal. Perhaps it’s the incredible supplement selection.

Or maybe it’s something they just can’t put their fingers on—but know is worth sharing.

Whatever keeps Aid Animal on pet-owners’ radars, we caught wind of it here at Vetri-Science. That’s why we’re featuring Aid Animal as our July Practice of The Month!

The staff at Aid Animal is often a sight for sore kitty and puppy eyes. The tenure of some, like office manager Cindy Pugh, offers comfort to even the human clients. And for the staff, commitment only seems to grow over time. Says Cindy, “I love the clients. I’m there from the first visit to the final visit a lot of times. I remember them as puppies and kittens. Our clients share so many stories, and we get attached!”

Because Aid Animal offers alternative treatments with a demeanor that makes this practice a diamond in the ruff, most clients are repeat clients who are looking for something different—a different attitude and a different approach.

Owner John E. Rowe, DVM, CVA, (who Cindy says is “an awesome vet, boss, person and such a believer in the holistic aspect”), has implemented acupuncture and other holistic practices, including supplementation. According to Cindy, clients are “absolute open” to that type of treatment. Word of mouth also seems to help people bring an open mind to the table.

“Sometimes, we’ll be talking to one client about something and another client sitting in the waiting room will say, ‘Do you mind if I chime in?’ That’s become a valuable part of our practice,” says Cindy. “We used to hear things like black magic or mumbo jumbo, but we encourage people to hold judgment.”

To that end, over the past few years, Aid Animal has developed a fantastic relationship with Vetri-Science.  Says Cindy, “A rep told me about it and then we did a lot more research. A lunch and learn really opened our eyes. But it was the samples that really started it all. Clients can’t believe the outcome, and when we use them on our own pets, it makes it really easy to share your experience.”

Those stories include one about the skepticism of an adamantly holistic client. After his dog got an injury, Cindy, who often counsels the clients on the supplement’s purpose and ingredients, told him about Vetri E.N.S.E.D., which supports normal mobility and everyday activity. “He was absolutely thrilled to find an alternative and has been a repeat client.”

And there’s that tale about the two aggressive, heavyset cats. “They were…difficult,” says Cindy. “I gave the owner Composure and she said, ‘I cannot tell you the harmony in my house.’ And now she always grabs two bags when she comes in.”

These types of experiences are great rewards for Cindy and the rest of the staff. All pet owners and all experienced in animal wellness and happiness, the Aid Animal Hospital staff seems to have what Cindy calls a “soft spot” for great stories, especially those about rescue pets. They often support the cause by offering an adoption program that began in 2004 and has since placed 150 animals.

The Bright Future of our Practice of the Month

In the future, Aid Animal hopes to remodel to create more space for each client and become even more cat friendly through offering a separate entrance. But for now, they’ll stick to talking up the Composure (and occasionally using a crate cover for the nervous kitties) and the simple power of a friendly smile and calming attitude.

Because of their devotion to animal wellness and a desire to open minds to alternative health solutions, we at Vetri-Science are proud to name Aid Animal Hospital our Veterinary Practice of the Month. Check them out online at