Veterinarian Practice of the Month: Pleasant Lake

By Karin Krisher

practice of the monthWe’ve started a new blog feature, which calls attention to a veterinary practice of the month to shed some light on the fabulous efforts of our customers. Our first practice of the month is the New Hampshire hospital known as Pleasant Lake, founded in 1964.

We spoke with Elizabeth Kellett, BVSc, who has worked at Pleasant Lake for three years. Once located in the downstairs area of a house right on the lake, Pleasant Lake now flourishes just a stone’s throw away in Elkins, New Hampshire. With three veterinarians in one location, this hospital has become a popular destination for pet owners in the area, especially for those looking for preventative support or a good referral.

“We are great small animal general practitioners!” says Kellett. “We do a lot of soft tissue and orthopedic surgery…and we work with a variety of referral clinics–specific to each pet’s needs.”

Pleasant Lake’s wellness philosophy is “simple,” says Kellett. “A good nutritional foundation is a great place to start with annual preventative care tailored to individual pets’ needs.”

As a Vetri-Science customer, Kellett knows the importance of nutrition. Pleasant Lake became involved with the company when Glyco-Flex made its debut, “ages ago,” says Kellett. “We’ve carried Glyco forever, and just made a retail space in our practice to be able to carry more Vetri-Science supplements,” she says.

We’re just as glad to be a part of the process as Kellett, who says her favorite part of working at the hospital is the “wonderful clients.”  That kind of attitude toward customers and a commitment to health is exactly why we’ve chosen Pleasant Lake as our first veterinary practice of the month.

To learn more about Pleasant Lake, visit their website.